How to Wipe the Slate Clean

Last week we began to look at the beliefs that we have been carrying around with us.  That baggage that we haul with us from day to day, usually without realizing it.  What was on your list?


What would change for you if you didn’t have that belief?  The short answer is probably everything.  What can you do about it? Think baby steps.


There is huge power in small actions.  Massive action usually leads to massive results, not always good.  Look for the small steps, check it out:


Let’s assume that when you were 5 your Mom gave you $5 to go to the store as a reward for cleaning your room.   You were super excited and skipped off to the store.  You checked every 2-3 minutes to make sure the money was there, imagining everything you were going to buy with it, you picked out your treats and when you went to pay for them you realized that the money was gone.  You dropped it and it was lost.


This is SUCH a common memory.  Traumatic for a child, even more so for a child that is by themselves, on their first solo trip being entrusted with “grown up” responsibilities.  Had you been hit by a car on the way to the store the world would have shown up to support you, because you weren’t in a visible state of crisis no one showed up to help you.  There are a few very common next steps for a vulnerable child in this situation.

  • You went home without the treats and admit you lost the money. Perhaps you got in trouble ending up in your room to “think about what you did”
  • You went home, told your Mom that you bought candy and ate it on your way home when went to your room to punish yourself for losing the money and lying about it.
  • You stole something from the store so that you could show it to your Mom as proof of purchase.  Knowing that stealing is wrong you punish yourself for losing the money, stealing and lying about it.

And no one showed up to help you because they didn’t know you needed help. In those quiet moments, alone with your thoughts a belief, or several, were created.

  • I can’t have money, I lose it
  • I don’t deserve money, I’m not responsible.
  • I can only have if I steal from someone else + stealing is wrong.

Man is that a lot of pressure for a little kid to carry with them.  Thus the baggage. Compound the baggage with the belief and it can be so dangerous.


So, now what?


What if you let go of one, just one, of those beliefs for a week? How would you behave, what would change, what results would you see?


Look back to the beliefs you identified and commit to letting go of one for a week, if it really bombs you can always go back to acting on the old belief. I promise you, the week won’t get rid of the belief.


Congratulation, this is a brave choice and I’d love to hear the results!

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