Hi!  I'm Shauna Gingras


Do you have a relationship with your money that serves your life?


I didn't.


For years money was the biggest stress in my life

I was ashamed about having debt,

confused about how to get rid of the debt,

scared to open the mail and

reacting to every expense. 


I felt powerless.


After years of struggling I figured out the dollars and cents.


But even without the debt I was still living in a constant state of fear.  


Terrified of going on a spending bender and ending up broke.  


Our beliefs about money are created in childhood and control every decisions we

make for the rest of our lives.


Once I figured that out my entire money life made total sense.  

I was able to make a few simple changes, finally quiet the fear 

and live a life I really love.


If I can do it, YOU CAN TOO!


If you are ready to transform your money and your life,

I would be honored to join you on your journey.


Schedule your Money Freedom Session to find out more