Baggage, we’ve all got it.  Sometimes it’s a cute little carry on bag, other times it’s a full on matched set.  Whatever the size, it travels with us everywhere.


Some of it we packed ourselves, most of it we got given to us by our parents, grandparents and  those we shared our early years with. They didn’t mean to give it to us, but there it is.  A ton of baggage, whether we want it or not. Most of the time we don’t realize we are hauling it around, it’s been with us so long it’s like part of us.


Did you ever hear things like this growing up?




-We can’t afford it, don’t ask.

-Must be nice to be rich

-On payday you can get that if there is enough money left over

-They won $50 million in the lotto, I would never want that, it’s just too much money


Little statements, HUGE impact.  When you pass by a store, look in the window and think “I wish I could afford that, must be nice to be rich” you are unpacking the baggage and deciding that whatever is in it fits, without even really trying it on.  Those are probably not even your words, they were given to you and you have taken them as your own.


If you look back on your early years, what did you hear that became so common that you didn’t even question it anymore?  Once you stopped questioning the words they became a belief.  Once they were beliefs there was no need to question them… they were facts.


These facts are not necessarily real, they are just not being questioned anymore.


Make a list of your early influencers money beliefs and then have a look at how many you share. You might be shocked to find out that you hold none of your own beliefs.  If that is he case you for you are no alone.  Most of the time we end up with inherited beliefs that ply out in our lives every day, all without us thinking about it.


What beliefs are you carrying around with you? Who did you get them from? And do they add value to your life?


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