Too Good to be True Credit Repair?

This week I saw a video posted on Facebook, it was an advertisement for a credit fix type of service and I’ll admit I didn’t watch the entire video, it was about 30 minutes long, and when I went back it had disappeared into the news feed but here was the jist of it.


The service promised to help increase your credit score to allow you to once again qualify for loans at prime financing to buy great stuff.



The creator of the service claimed to have worked for a collection agency where he learned the inside secrets of how to beat the system.  20 minutes in and I didn’t actually find out how to do anything but I suspect that would have been explained if I purchased the paid service.  I can’t speak about this specific service, there are tons of them out there, but here are a few thoughts on what I learned from watching this video.


  • They are giving you some useful info, your credit score can impact every area of your financial life, from insurance prices to job options that require a credit check or bond.  There is value in increasing your score but it takes time, although there are strategies that can expedite the process, it is doubtful that a sustained increase can be achieved in the 30-60 days that they promise.
  • My OPINION, what collection agencies do is unethical if not illegal, they prey on those who do not know the law to extort money that may or may not be legally eligible for collection.  They threaten to destroy your personal and professional reputation (in the video they played sample calls that may not have been real but seemed to be an accurate reflection of collection agency horror stories I’ve hear from clients) with slanderous behavior counting on your fear to protect them for the consequences of their actions.  Needless to say many of these people are not some of the better representatives of the human race.
  • The message the video was trying to deliver was that your situation has made you a victim and their services can help you get access to the credit you deserve to buy the stuff you want.  There were beautiful boats, beach pics of relaxing vacations and sexy cars… sheesh
  • He even had a story about this brother in law who called him crying when he lost a job because his credit was so bad, depriving his daughter of a better life. Really pulled at your heart strings, if it was a true story.


I understand many of these services are run by former collection agency employees, but can you trust that the same jerks who have been hounding you for years trying to get money for you have now fond virtue and want to help you repair the damage they caused?  Buyer beware.  Join us next week to get a different perspective on this growing game.

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