Look Backward to Move Forward

When I was a kid I loved to swim, if you loved the water you know what I mean.  Remember the freedom of gliding through the water, maintaining an even pace with no worries, the great thing about any kind of physical activity is that it gives you time to think clearly and embrace the possibilities.


Now imagine the feeling of gliding through the water, with a 1,000 pound weight tied to your feet.  Not so relaxing anymore 😥


That is how many people feel everyday when carrying around the weight of their money stress.  Can you relate to that?


Money is the number one cause of stress for most people.  It can show up in all kinds of ways, from a nagging little worry to a crippling fear that leaves us feeling paralyzed.  It is impossible to truly enjoy life carrying that kind of weight around.  You deserve to live a life that doesn’t have so much anxiety in it.  So how can you change that?


Here is a quick way to get in touch with that anxiety.  Why on earth would you want to get in touch with the anxiety you ask?  If you can connect back to the root cause of the feeling you can begin to move and then clear the anxiety.  Give this a try…


  1. Get comfortable, sitting or lying down in a quiet place, take a few deep breathes
  2. Think about money, whatever money means to you, maybe money makes you think of debt, maybe it makes you think about your bills or retirement, wherever your mind goes, just let it go there.
  3. Notice anywhere that your body carries the stress, in your stomach, a lump in your throat, whatever changes you notice in your body just notice them.
  4. Now that you know where the stress is carried, take a moment and think back to the first time you remember having that physical reaction.
  5. Once you can identify the earliest memory look at how money was involved and identify the feelings that you had.  Maybe you were scared, worries or felt unsupported.

scared girlChanges are it was a simple memory that you had long forgotten until you chose to be conscious about it.  It is likely that the event occurred when you were very young.  Before the age of 8 we are unable to judge or evaluate a situation, although we are able to form a belief from the experience.  Look back at the memory through the eyes of an adult and identify the belief that was formed in that moment.


Maybe you learned that money caused your parents to fight, maybe you learned that your sister would always get more than you would, whatever the circumstance name the belief that was formed.



Check in next week and we’ll look at how that belief from so long ago shows up in your life today.

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