Memories: Are They Real?

There are few things we are more attached to in this life than our memories.  Memories of special events, first time experiences, once in a lifetime moments.  Our first love, our first kiss, first day of college, first home, those firsts that shape every day after.


What about your first money memory? Were you able to recall it?  Memories are as unique as fingerprints. Try to isolate your first money memory if you haven’t already.


Got it? Great!



scared little girlOne of the most common first money memories is being given money by a parent or authority figure and losing it. In that moment so much of our future is formed.  We have disappointed someone who’s love we not only crave but feel we can’t survive without.  We are ashamed.  We think we are not very smart, smart people don’t lose things. Then we must go and confess that we have lost the money. Perhaps there was a reinforcement of the disappointment, maybe there was yelling, maybe there was a punishment, maybe we just felt like a bad kid which is a far more extreme punishment than any parent can ever impose on a small, fragile child.


In that moment what beliefs did you create about money?  About yourself? Really give it some thought, this could be a huge aha moment for you, give it time to sink in.


A few things to keep in mind

-What you learned was not necessarily what your parent was trying to teach you

-That parent, who is so all-powerful to a child, is just a regular human, all people make mistakes.


Look back at the belief that was created by the memory.  Does it show up in your life today?  Not sure?  Check back next week and we’ll discover how to identify patterns that may be sticking with you today that it might be time to get rid of.



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