Money minds s


Have you ever logged into your bank account, seen your credit card balance and wondered why it was so high?  You look at your transactions and think how the heck did I spend so much money in a week?  There is a reason for that.  


Many of our purchases are made without conscious thought before we swipe, while our brain works to make our daily decisions, often without us.


Have you ever swore you wouldn't live one more day in fear and promised yourself you would become disciplined and turn things around?


Here's the bad news, discipline won't work.  Here's the great news, you already have the key ingredient to fix the problem.


Check out the 3 brain breakdown to find out how your brain is working with and against you + get the tools to let you reach your goal. 


The Instinctive Brain is primitive, designed for survival. The sole purpose of the Instinctive Brain is to keep you safe.  It controls our fight, flight or freeze reflex and is wired to react and wired for desire.  You are here to read this because your ancestors had the strongest skills and were able to adapt + survive.


The Emotional Brain is more evolved than the Instinctive Brain.  It stores your emotions, memories + experiences.  Every moment you have experienced on earth is stored in this part of your brain.  This is the subconscious archive and drives 90% of your behavior, usually without us thinking about it.  It's your autopilot.


The Thinking Brain is the most evolved portion of your brain.  It is the center of higher reasoning and logical thought.  It drives your motivation, tempers your reaction and is your higher state of consciousness. The more you use this part of your brain the more control you have over your thoughts, emotions + actions.