When Beliefs Fight Back

Did you participate in the belief and pattern challenge last week? If you didn’t no worries, give it a shot this week.  If you did, thank you!  How did it go?


Wherever you are in your belief system I have to issue a warning, normally I do this whenever I suggest this challenge to a client but in this case I let it go a week so as not to influence unsafely.


Examining a belief is a simple sounding exercise, and it is simple but very powerful.  Challenging a belief can cause all kinds of disruptions in your life.  You are questioning the core of who you are, most people never do that.



Challenging a belief will throw you into all kinds of discomfort. If science has taught us anything we know that we all have an internal temperature that when challenged will revolt.  Like comfortable old shoes we know all of the nooks and crannies that are waiting for us in those shoes.  They might hurt our feet a bit and be uglier than sin but it’s what we know. It is not necessarily what we want, it is what we know.


resistanceIf you did the challenge last week try to stick with it another week and every time the resistance shows up remind yourself that the resistance is there to keep you safe, it is putting up a flight because what you are doing is working.  If the change in belief didn’t result in a pattern change the resistance wouldn’t bother bugging you.


If this is week 1 of the challenge, welcome! Thank you for joining us on this journey.  The smallest of actions will build momentum and lead to huge results and when the resistance does show up remember to thank it for looking out for you and then tell it to take the week off.  If you bench it enough it will get bored and move on.

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